Arnotts Individual Portion – Delta Cream & Butternut Snap


Portion 45g x 150 Pack

These Arnott’s Butternut Snap and Delta Cream portion packs have 150 portion controlled servings so you can share them amongst friends and family. There are 2 biscuits in each pack wrapped in cellulose wrap to keep them fresh. They are ideal for use in canteens, hotels, hospitals and other places where you need to provide snacks for a large amount of people.

There are 2 biscuits in each portion controlled pack.
Each individual portion contains 1 delta cream and 1 butternut snap.
These biscuits are packaged in tight cellulose wrap so that they stay fresh for longer.
Store in a cool, dry place to maintain their freshness.
They contain soy, wheat, dairy and oats and may contain tree nuts, peanuts, sesame and egg.
There are 150 packs in this carton.”


Butternut Snap: sugar, wheat flour, rolled oats, coconut, butter (cream, salt), vegetable oil (contains soy), golden syrup, baking powder, salt

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