Arnotts Cheeseboard Crackers Assortment


250g x 1 Unit

Arnott’s Cheeseboard Assorted crackers are a great addition to any platter. The crackers are a perfect accompaniment with cheese, dips or simply on their own.

These crackers come in a 250 g pack.

They can be shared with friends, family and guests at your next party or function.

Enjoy a wide range of cheeses and dips with assortment of cheeseboard crackers.

Weight 0.25 kg


Wheat flour, vegetable oil (contains soy), salt, sugar, sesame seeds, wheatmeal, rye, wheat, malt extract (from barley), oats, wheatgerm, baking powder, wheat bran, yeast, milk solids, golden syrup, honey, glucose (from wheat), flavour enhancer (E621), flavour, food adic (citric acid), vegetable extract (contains soy), animal fat, spice extract, emulsifier (soy lecithin), antioxidants (E307B from soy, E304)

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