Red Rock- Sea Salt


Portion 28g x Carton 21 , Portion 165g x Carton 1 , Portion 45g x Carton 18

Wholesome Potato Chips Carefully Crafted with Subtle FlavoursRed Rock Deli Sea Salt Potato Chips keeps things simple yet sensational with the careful coating of classic sea salt. Savour the richness of the finest potatoes harvested from Australian farms blended with a light dusting of fresh Australian sea salt. This combination works to highlight and enhance each others’ flavour, bringing the taste of Red Rock Deli to greater heights.

Only Natural Ingredients, No Hidden Nasties
Made in Australia with all natural ingredients and no added flavours or colours, Red Rock Deli Sea Salt chips are roughly cut and slowly cooked in 100% sunflower oil for that satisfying crunch. Keeping things all natural ensures there are no hidden nasties to surprise you, making them scrumptious crisps like you never tasted before.

Platter-Worthy Perfection Made for Entertaining
Red Rock Deli Sea Salt Chips are a classic potato chip flavour that will go with anything; from the salty deli meats to the creamiest of cheeses on your next cheese platter. Our chips are perfect for an elevated dinner party or a casual dinner at home with friends watching the latest TV series.No matter what kind of atmosphere you’re trying to set up, Red Rock Deli is ready to support!

Draw Out Your Hidden Creativity
Get creative at your next picnic with our Red Rock Deli Sea Salt chips by dipping them in our Red Rock Deli dips. Or, for inspired passionate foodies, sprinkle crushed sea salt chips into your latest recipe for a delectable added crunch.Mac and Cheese? Savoury salad? Nachos with a twist? Red Rock Deli is here to make things deliciously wild!

Subtle flavours, massive crunch!

Platter worthy perfection when you’re trying to entertain your guests.

Gluten-free and no MSG means they’re a tasty potato chips option.

Cut precisely and slowly cooked for a satisfying crunch, seasoned with a subtle grinding of fresh Australian sea salt.

Perfect for a dinner party, picnic, or work break snack

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Portion 28g x Carton 21, Portion 165g x Carton 1, Portion 45g x Carton 18

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