Chobani Greek Yoghurt Pot- Natural Light


Portion 160g x 8 Pack

Greek Yogurt with less than 0.5% fat for a light, yet thick and creamy spoonful! Natural Light Greek Yogurt will have you savouring its rich, tangy taste. Our Natural Light Greek yogurt is the perfect base for breakfast bowls, dolloping onto fruit or as a healthier option in cooking.

Chobani® Greek Yogurt is deliciously simple. Made using just milk and cultures, which we triple strain using an authentic process so it’s naturally thick and creamy.

– Strained to be naturally thick

– High in natural protein

– No preservatives, artificial colours or flavours

– Source of calcium

– Contains Live & Active Cultures

Weight 1.28 kg


Skim Milk, Live Cultures (Milk).

Nutritional Table



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